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February 2012 Archives

Where there's a will there's a way

In Tennessee and elsewhere, estate planning is often beneficial to both young and old alike. Making a will not only helps to ease the estate administration process in the event of one's death, but it also helps to put one's financial affairs in order. Unfortunately, many adults have not gone through the estate planning process.

What estate planning steps did Whitney Houston take?

With the recent news that Whitney Houston has passed away, some have raised questions in regards to her will. While the terms of the will and other estate documents are not fully available, it was not clear what steps the late singer took in her estate planning. For example, the details of how her 18-year-old daughter inherits her share of the estate could be significant, and it may hold important lessons for Tennessee residents.

Important estate planning documents for your future

Although there are a wide range of estate planning topics and issues that vary from situation to situation, some common documents are still important in order to make the dissemination of possessions easier in the long run. When Tennessee residents outline their wishes formally, it can save a lot of headaches and heartaches for their relatives, making the process a lot more manageable.

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